TankMatch Inland Shipping

TankMatch Inland Shipping

Tank Match, the pre-eminent service company specializing in the transport of mineral oil products, liquid chemicals and gases and renewable liquid products. We transport on rivers and canals and through the seaports of Europe. Every day, we provide services to customers from the chemical, mineral and sustainable sectors.

TankMatch consists of a motivated team of specialists with many years of experience in tanker and inland shipping. We develop and provide solutions to complex transport issues. We collaborate with a dependable selection of private ship owners. Our focus on the market and our critical selection of private ship owners contribute to the fulfilment of our customers’ requirements.

We aim for stable and long-term partnerships, both with our private ship owners and our customers, with whom we share our basic values, such as fairness and open communications, and we use these as the mainstay of our collaboration. We follow all developments in European inland shipping very closely.


Werkendam office

TankMatch has been located in Werkendam (the Netherlands) since 2007. With a wide variety of ships, our young and modern fleet is fully equipped to transport, among other goods, chemical and mineral oil products. Please contact us for more information.


Hamburg office

TankMatch has been located in Hamburg since 2011. From its inception, TankMatch Hamburg has focused on smaller, double-hulled ships for German inland canal shipping. Please contact us for more information.