TankMatch Inland Shipping

About TankMatch Rail

TankMatch Rail is an independent company within the TankMatch group and a 100% subsidiary of the TankMatch Holding B.V. We offer the market the reliable organization of block train operations in Germany and Europe.

With our wide knowledge about the transport of dangerous goods and biofuels by rail, we assist our clients from the Mineral Oil Industry, Chemical Industry and Renewable Energies as partner.

We are a motivated, long term experienced team of specialists, which develops and carries out solutions for complex transport operations by rail. Our cooperation with a reasonable number of service partners and our focus on the core market of liquid goods guarantees the optimal selection of service partners and the best possible fulfillment of our client’s individual requirements.

Quality and sustainability play a significant role in all our proposals.

We permanently observe the developments in the European rail freight market and prefer stable cooperations with partners, who share with us the fundamental values fairness and open communication as the major pillars of a long term cooperation.

Our independence results in an enduring neutrality for our business partners.